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Trying to live without your natural teeth is never easy. And it’s harder if you choose to get removable dentures to replace your missing teeth. No matter how much time and skill is put into fabricating the dentures, they’ll never quite be the same as your original teeth. So, what’s the solution?. Ffull mouth rehabilitation  by using implant supported permanent dentures. We do everything to the best of our abilities, so that your new teeth look and feel just like the natural ones.

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The all-on-8 implant solution is considered the “Mercedes of teeth replacement”.  It is the best  way to replacing teeth.  Having 8 dental implants equally spread out over the arch will equally disperse the chewing force.  This is the most natural and most functional way of replacing missing full arch of teeth.  Eight dental implants may seem like alot, but it is actually less invasive because surgeons do not need to remove additional bone like the All-on-4 procedures frequently requires.

At Dr. Reiche´s Dental Implant Center, we like to offer patients the very best and we specialize in this type of full mouth-replacement treatment where we usually place 8 dental implant and give patients full set of fixed temporary teeth at the same visit (immediate loading).  Most of our patients who had this procedure done feels minimal pain and  usually did not have to take any painkillers the very next day.


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